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App Audit Framework

App Security Audit

Mobile app security is very important for all apps as well as their users. App development is quite a complex process. App developers sometimes miss vulnerability, this vulnerability can be used by a hacker to exploit app and steal user data. Now because of data protection laws (GDPR), you need to have the protection of your user data.

You need to check the following points to make sure the app is secure:

The network plays a very important role in app security. Most threads for app security is from the network.

app security audit


Mobile devices are very personal for every person. As every content in the device connected to personal data.

app security audit


Database Security
Having an offline application gives a very good user experience. But with the same feature comes threats for local storage.

app security audit


app web servers
App performance is a key issue for many users. For making good performing app we need to focus on web servers.

app security audit


If you still concern about the quality of your application, here our quality services which can help you to audit your application professionally.

Download above audit framework resource from below:


Note: Contact us for more details about the app security audit framework or getting .ppt or .docs file for the above framework.


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