Native App Development

Build an application which last long

A native application (native app) is an application program that has been developed for use on a particular platform or device. Because native apps are written for a specific platform, they can interact with and take advantage of operating system features and other software that are typically installed on that platform.

Hybrid App Development

Build application quick and save cost.

Hybrid applications are web applications in the native browser, such as UIWebView in iOS and WebView in Android. Hybrid apps are developed using HTML, CSS and Javascript and then wrapped in a native application using platforms like Cordova.

Mobile Backend as a Service (mBaaS)

Connect your applicaiton to internet.

We understand the importance of standard API and we know how to make application response faster. We help you to make your application secure.

Enterprise App Development

Make your business operation smoother.

Open Infotech can help you to make your internal operation smoother. We understand your needs and can make applications more useful. We believe good user experience for your application will help to achieve your goals.