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Android and iOS development

Why native Android and iOS development will always be the right choice!

“A native application (native app) is an application that has been developed for use on a particular platform or device. Because native android and iOS app development development target specific platform, they can interact with the operating system. They also take advantage of operating system features and other software that are typically installed on that platform.”

A simpler explanation is “Native application has their own set of tools which allows the user to write code or execute it on Native Platform”. That is why we write Android in Java and iOS in Objective C or Swift.

Why native development is used? 

There are no strict guidelines about when to use native as you can build any feature in the native application. If you need core features of the phone like camera, file storage or local database, etc and you need to have a quick response from UI.

Moreover, if you need to use the latest feature of the phone like VR SDK then you need to use Native. Native application user experience is always different than of hybrid and it seems to be more interactive or can be customized easily.

Why is native preferred more than any other development framework?

In terms of development time, native need more time to develop if we are considering both Android and iOS development. If we eliminate this disadvantage then going with native will be considered as the right choice.

Resources for native development are easily available. If you go online, there are so many tutorials for learning native development. This is why you can find more number of native developers than hybrid ones. The technology used in native development is quite stable and easier to deploy than hybrid apps.

Native frameworks have always improved with time and every year native framework release a new version which supports the latest technology. The hybrid framework needs to change its own framework according to change in the native framework. For the same reason, native development will stay on the top.

Yes, there will be many frameworks which can replicate native feature but native will always remain a winner for mobile app development.



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