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Many Leaves One Tree

I see our world as a forest. In which every tree represents a business tree which generates revenue for the world. Each Tree has a purpose and they have different business domains. Each business Tree contributes to the world economy and it shapes the world’s history. Each tree connected with each other share revenue and also slowly strengthen our economy. In this economy, recently a new tree is growing rapidly and having great impact on our economy. I am certainly talking about Information Technology. From 50 years IT and its applications are changing the world economy far beyond anyone can imagine. And still it’s going faster and faster.

What is business tree?

Each business Tree consist of many small to big companies or we can call it as leaves. Each company generates revenue and jobs which add value to the ecosystem. So our tree must have good quality leaves and their number must be good for great economy. As number of leaves increases, our economy becomes strong. I see startup companies as small leaves in the tree. They are not generating big revenue like big leaves, but they are certainly capable of becoming big leaves and generate great revenue.


I think we must support growth of startups and must care for them for making our economy great. Our economy is volatile. One break in the structure can collapse the tree. Each start up has their own set of problems, and which can be easily solved. Not only start up, but every company has their own problems too. Every person focuses on how much money they will get from other person’s pocket. Many start up collapse as they can not solve problems. Which becomes a greater threat to our economy. If we loose start up or any leaf in that manner, then we are loosing revenue stream which can generate jobs and can contribute to the society.

“You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours !”

Meaning “If you do something for me that I cannot do for myself, I will do something for you that you cannot do for yourself.” For solving this problem in the start up, we must collaborate and help each other to get over issues. Helping each other in this case is important. This one favour can change our economy. Together we can become a strong network of leaves where everyone can contribute in the ecosystem. We must understand, if we become greedy about money and trying to grow without considering its impact on surrounding, this may lead to distraction of your business as well as it will harm the ecosystem.


By helping others, certainly you will not lose money, but it will contribute to your business indirectly. So stop thinking about only yourself, contribute to the society. Just giving reference to a good company will not cost you but you will increase your ability to grow our economy. And you may not know how it will benefit you indirectly. As I will recall “Many Leaves One Tree”.



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